Download & Important Instructions - Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business

Download & Important Instructions
Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business

The Download links contain an .exe file to install Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business. We strongly recommend to read carefully the following instructions before installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we offer free support on all purchases.

  • How to run installation?

    Simply run setup.exe and installation will start automatically.

  • Activation of my Office failed over the internet, how can I activate Office?

    If you received the message that you have reached the maximum number of activations and you cannot activate Office over the internet, Microsoft requires sometimes to activate your office via telephone. The activation hotline of Microsoft is toll free. Please follow the instructions below to activate your office:


    • If the message "maximum number of activations reached" pops up at the activation screen of office, please click "back" and choose "telephone activation" instead of activation over the internet.
    • Please call the toll free Microsoft number and complete all 3 steps described at the activation screen of office.
    • After you called the toll free number and you provided the telephone robot with the correct installation id, displayed at the activation screen of office, you will receive in return a conformation ID. Please enter the confirmation ID in your office activation screen to activate your office.

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